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Welcome to the NAPA AutoCare Centers of New Mexico – Serving the Auto Repair and Car Service needs of the Albuquerque Metro and the greater state of New Mexico.

The New Mexico NAPA AutoCare® Centers are made up of the most established and reputable mechanical, collision and truck centers in the state of New Mexico. Every auto repair shop in our group is vetted, trained and certified by various trade associations and offer excellent car service. We participate in community support events and drives on a regular basis. We are your neighborhood AutoCare® shop who cares about your neighborhood. If you are looking for Albuquerque car repair, you found the right website. Be it paint and body or auto repair and maintenance you can find a qualified mechanic in your neighborhood >>

<table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="5">   <tr>     <td width="35%"> </td>     <td width="65%"><h1>Auto Repair - NAPA AutoCare Centers</h1>       <p><a href="http://www.autocarenm.com/NAPA_Auto_Care_Centers_NM.html" data-mce-href="http://www.autocarenm.com/NAPA_Auto_Care_Centers_NM.html"><strong>Auto Repair</strong></a> can seem like tricky business. Trying to <a title="NAPA AutoCare Locations" href="http://www.autocarenm.com/comm/napa-autocare-locations/" data-mce-href="http://www.autocarenm.com/comm/napa-autocare-locations/">find a qualified mechanic</a> can be overwhelming. We are hear to make finding the <a title="NAPA AutoCare Locations" href="http://www.autocarenm.com/comm/napa-autocare-locations/" data-mce-href="http://www.autocarenm.com/comm/napa-autocare-locations/">best mechanics and collision repair specialists in <strong>Albuquerque</strong></a> and throughout <strong>New Mexico</strong> just a little bit easier. At<strong> NAPA</strong>, we strive for <a title="NAPA AutoCare Locations" href="http://www.autocarenm.com/comm/napa-autocare-locations/" data-mce-href="http://www.autocarenm.com/comm/napa-autocare-locations/">automotive repair</a> excellence, and becoming a <a href="http://www.autocarenm.com/NAPA_Auto_Care_Centers_NM.html" data-mce-href="http://www.autocarenm.com/NAPA_Auto_Care_Centers_NM.html"><strong>NAPA AutoCare Center</strong></a> is not just a matter of signing up.</p>       <p>Before an<a href="http://www.autocarenm.com/NAPA_Auto_Care_Centers_NM.html" data-mce-href="http://www.autocarenm.com/NAPA_Auto_Care_Centers_NM.html"> automotive repair center</a> or <a href="http://www.autocarenm.com/NAPA_Auto_Care_Centers_NM.html" data-mce-href="http://www.autocarenm.com/NAPA_Auto_Care_Centers_NM.html">collision shop</a> can carry the title of <a href="http://www.autocarenm.com/NAPA_Auto_Care_Centers_NM.html" data-mce-href="http://www.autocarenm.com/NAPA_Auto_Care_Centers_NM.html">NAPA AutoCare Center</a>, they must meet a series of standards and criteria, that includes training, certifications and ethical business practices. That way, when you see the <a href="http://www.napaautocare.com/" data-mce-href="http://www.napaautocare.com/">NAPA</a> brand associated with your<a href="http://www.autocarenm.com/NAPA_Auto_Care_Centers_NM.html" data-mce-href="http://www.autocarenm.com/NAPA_Auto_Care_Centers_NM.html"> neighborhood auto repair facility</a>, you know it is a shop you can trust.</p>       <h1>Auto Repair and Maintenance Videos</h1>       <p>Learn how to keep your car running in tip-top shape by watching our <strong>auto repair and maintenance</strong> videos or vising one of our locations.</p>       <h1>Auto Myths Around Albuquerque</h1>       <div id="img_lft"><a href="http://www.autocarenm.com/NAPA_Auto_Care_Videos.php" data-mce-href="http://www.autocarenm.com/NAPA_Auto_Care_Videos.php"><img src="http://www.autocarenm.com/images/maintainance-myth-july12.jpg" alt="Tire Replacement Video" width="340" height="270" border="0" data-mce-src="http://www.autocarenm.com/images/maintainance-myth-july12.jpg" /></a></div>       <p>Sometimes we hear people say, "<a href="http://www.autocarenm.com/NAPA_Auto_Care_Videos.php" data-mce-href="http://www.autocarenm.com/NAPA_Auto_Care_Videos.php">What's up with all this maintenance stuff?</a>Modern cars just don't break down." While it is true that today's cars and trucks are extremely reliable, they are also becoming increasingly complicated and use more exotic materials than ever before. All that complexity demands higher tolerances for everything. For example, most folks don't realize how high tech automotive fluids have become. Fluids like, engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant and brake fluid.</p>     <br /></td>   </tr> </table>


Auto Repair – NAPA AutoCare Centers

Auto Repair can seem like tricky business. Trying to find a qualified mechanic can be overwhelming. We are hear to make finding the best mechanics and collision repair specialists in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico just a little bit easier. At NAPA, we strive for automotive repair excellence, and becoming a NAPA AutoCare Center is not just a matter of signing up.

Before an automotive repair center or collision shop can carry the title of NAPA AutoCare Center, they must meet a series of standards and criteria, that includes training, certifications and ethical business practices. That way, when you see the NAPA brand associated with your neighborhood auto repair facility, you know it is a shop you can trust.

Cooling Systems in the New Mexico High Desert

Keep on top of your engines cooling needs and extend the life of your engine. The cooling system keeps New Mexico car owners’s engines from overheating while they are driving around Albuquerque, Peralta and Isleta. Its job is to move heat away from the engine. Let’s talk about the various components of the system and how they make this happen.

The radiator is the part most Albuquerque auto owners associate with the cooling system. Coolant flows through the radiator which has fine cooling fins that draw the heat out of the coolant and dissipate it into the air. To make sure there’s enough airflow over the radiator, a fan pulls air over the cooling fins even when the sedan is idling.

In some sedans, the fan is powered by the serpentine belt. On others, an electric motor runs the fan. Electric fans turn on and off as needed. You may have heard the fan kick on shortly after you turn your sedan off. The sensor has determined that the engine needs a little help cooling down to a safe temperature.

A hose connects the radiator to the water pump. The water pump pushes the water into the sedan engine block. Now the engine block and cylinder heads have passages for the coolant to pass through without getting into the oil or the combustion chamber. In the automotive community, these passages are referred to as the “water jacket”.


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