October 2012 – Putting the Brakes on Breast Cancer

NAPA AutoCare Centers of New Mexico donated 5% of all NAPA Brake jobs to the Breast Cancer Resource Center of New Mexico.

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Car Seat Safety is important for the protection of your new born and infants in particular.

The gravitational factors involved in a car crash are surprising. Watch our video to learn more about proper car seat installation. For more information visit

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July 17, 2012

Dear NAPA AutoCare Group NM,

Thank you for your generous contribution to our 1st Responder Hybrid training program!

It was viewed as a huge success by all that participated. We were heavily attended by out of town volunteer departments with some traveling great distances. The appreciation for our efforts was obvious with frequent thank you’s for the opportunity to see and practice new techniques.

Without support from companies and individuals like you; this important training for 1st responders might not be possible. It is an honor to work with and support these people and I say with deep felt sincerity from all that were involved, Thank you!


Jim Maddox

ASA CNM President

NAPA AutoCare NM Vice President

June 1, 2012


ASA of New Mexico and NAPA AutoCare NM sponsor


Firefighters to receive FREE training from local automotive repair organizations concerned with the safety of first responders on a hybrid vehicle accident scene



Seminar Instructors:

Scene Of The Accident

is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives through training. Our goal is to ensure no lives are lost nor injuries sustained due to a lack of credible and timely information.


Training on Hybrid and Late model Extrication

Join us:

July 6th, 2012

July 7th, 2012

July 8th, 2012

FREE training seminar for all Public Safety Officials who register in advance.

Online registration >>

Are Hybrid Cars deadly to first responders in a automobile accident? Yes. They can be. Without proper training, an emergency responder can be electrocuted or be caught in an explosion from a damaged hybrid, battery powered vehicle. The owners manual for the Chevy Volt warns that “cutting these cables can result in serious injury or death” referring to the first responder cable installed on the vehicle for emergency extrication conditions.

“Car accidents involving hybrids have their own unique set of protocols, and our firefighters need to be trained so that they can do their job safely” said Jim Maddox, a specially trained hybrid automotive technician and president of the New Mexico chapter of the Automotive Service Association. “Our organizations feel that it is important to the safety of our New Mexico first responders to have the opportunity to receive training on hybrid vehicle and safe hybrid extrication in an accident. So, ASA and NAPA AutoCare Centers of New Mexico have partnered to foot the bill for our community and get our firefighters trained.”

The Automotive Service Association and NAPA AutoCare Centers of New Mexico want to let all Firefighters and First Responders who want additional training on Hybrid Extrication, to join us July 6th, 7th and 8th for this FREE training seminar. This “hands- on training is designed to give you the skills needed to use Hydraulic Tools and equipment to perform advanced extrication techniques on late model vehicles. This course will focus on coordinating, performing and supervising complex extrications on vehicles with advanced electronics and ultra-high strength steels.”

ASA of New Mexico and the NAPA AutoCare Center business group, proudly support our communities. Both organizations are dedicated to high quality and reputable auto service and repair in the state of New Mexico, visit for more details.


If you would like more information about this free public safety officer training, or to schedule an interview with Jim Maddox, President of the Automotive Service Association of New Mexico and board member of the NAPA AutoCare Center business group, call 505-269-0090 or email at


Scene Of The Accident

The Blaze



October 15, 2011

This years ASE-Napa 2012 Technician of the year for the state of NM:

Jim Maddox – Jim’s Automotive

ASE-Napa 2012 Technician of the year for New Mexico

Albuquerque New Mexico October 15, 2011 – Napa Auto Parts NM recently honored Jim Maddox, owner of Jim’s Automotive Inc., as the “ASE/NAPA Albuquerque Distribution Center 2012 Technician of the Year”. He was selected from the NAPA Auto Care Centers in the New Mexico, southern Colorado and west Texas region.

The Technician of the Year award is presented annually by NAPA Auto Parts and ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) to an individual in the automotive repair industry who meets detailed requirements. When Mr. Maddox heard of his nomination for the award, his wife Sherry remembers him saying “I am impressed that I am being considered; it is very flattering. I am honored and deeply humbled”.

Mr. Maddox was selected for demonstrating superior technical skills, a commitment to his business and employees, business practices and customer service. Jim actively supports his community while demonstrating outstanding service and dedication to the industry as a whole. He holds many certifications, such as ASE Master Technician and continues his education when ever possible through NAPA and other training programs.

NAPA sales representative JD Morris said, “He has the utmost integrity in the industry and is a person that other shop owners and technicians turn to for guidance and advice. It is his kind of Professional repair shop we would like to have more of. ”Jim’s dedication to our industry is endless as well as educating the Motoring public”.

NAPA General Mgr DC Marc Tsutsui said to Jim, “As this years finalist you represent the best of the best and you have every reason to be proud of yourself, your performance and your career accomplishments.”

            Robert Ramirez NAPA’s Albuquerque DC Manager added,

“It is a great pleasure to work and do business with a professional shop like yours with an owner like you.”

Pictured in the photo presenting the award from left to right is:

(1)JD Morris – NAPA Wholesale rep., Marc Tsutsui – NAPA General Mgr DC. James (Jim) Maddox, and Robert Ramirez – NAPA DC Manager.

(2)JD Morris – NAPA Wholesale rep., Robert Ramirez – NAPA DC Manager. James (Jim) Maddox, and Marc Tsutsui – NAPA General Mgr DC.

About Jim Maddox:

Jim has been an auto mechanic for more than 40 years, running his own business for most of that time. He owns Jim’s Automotive Inc, located at 4401 Lead Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM , 87108. Los Lunas NM High School Auto Mechanics program started Jim’s automotive career while he was growing up in the rural farming community; where repairing things was a necessity.

Jim holds many certifications in the automotive and management fields and feels certifications are important. He designed and constructed his automotive repair facility. He enjoys tinkering and is always busy with projects. His hobbies and interests are widespread, from Aerospace and cooking to fine woodworking with many subjects in between. He enjoys gardening, and has a family background of dirt farmers and a blood line to the famed Ethan Allen.

He is interested in electric vehicles, solar power, fuel cells and alternative energy sources. With hybrid cars in the market place Jim is preparing his shop for what the future will bring. Performing research, hosting and attending advanced hybrid training, and adding yet another certification are keeping him in front of his peers. Jim and his wife Sherry purchased a new Toyota Prius and he is positioning himself to be a leader in the local area in hybrid repairs and plug in conversions. Jim purchased his first solar panel and inverter to further his learning process while becoming greener with a plug-in conversion for his wife’s Prius coming soon.

Jim is the ASA president (Automotive Service Association of Central NM) and V.P. for the NAPA AutoCare group of NM and very active in both associations.

Retirement is not in his immediate future; in the mean time he will be changing with the times and continue to excel in the automotive field.


December 20, 2011

Thank You to everyone who helped us share a little bit of hope this holiday season through these Albuquerque Organizations.

505 FOOD DRIVE: We donated $1,000 each, cash to these charitable food organizations. We encourage you to make food donations at our locations or directly with these Albuquerque organizations:


Jim Dearholt presenting check to Jeremy Reynalds from Joy Junction Jim Dearholt presenting check to Stephanie Miller (Dir. of Development) from Roadrunner Food Bank